Arthur’s new kidney at the forefront of medical science


Arthur the cat received a kidney transplant in May, and his surgeons are using stem cell treatments to help prevent rejection of his new kidney.

Stem cell therapy is a new technology, but it is showing good results in treating many chronic debilitating conditions, such as arthritis and even a painful feline mouth condition called stomatitis:

Cats are at the forefront of medical research that will likely help us, too.



Garfield’s most famous quotes

Here’s a post that celebrates Garfield, that famous cartoon feline, on the occasion of his 36th birthday last month!


Happy birthday, Garfield!


The myth of cats & milk

We think of cats as drinkers of milk. In fact, cats can be lactose intolerant. This means that their digestive system cannot break down the lactose, the sugar contained in milk. When this happens, the lactose causes imbalances in the stomach and intestines which can lead to bloating, gas and diarrhea.

A well-balanced cat or kitten food contains all the calories and nutrition that your cat needs. As well, cats should have clean water available at all times.

For more information on cats and lactose intolerance, click here:

Environmental needs of cats

If you are getting a new cat, or moving to a new location with your cat, this checklist can help you make sure your cat is settled in and comfortable.

Cats should have a safe place to hide — whether it be in a cupboard, high on a shelf or in their favorite cardboard box. Hiding is an important natural behaviour for cats, because they are predators as well as prey.

Cats need ways to express their natural behaviours such as marking, scratching, playing and resting. By planning areas in your home where they can express these behaviours, you will have a more well-balanced cat and you won’t have to worry about kitty finding her own place to scratch or mark.

You need to also provide a sense of routine in your interactions. For many, this comes at feeding time, but you should also set aside time to play with and interact with your cat.

What do cat owners need to know?

Cats are delightful companions, and relatively low maintenance compared to some other pets.

As we learn more about cats and their unique needs, we are able to give them better preventive health care and that means a longer, healthier life for your kitty.

Did you know that cats are considered obligate carnivores? This means that they must have animal protein in their diet in order to survive.

Some other great basic information for cat owners can be found at the American Association of Feline Practitioners web site.

Ice water is fine, in moderation









There is a recycled blog/email post circulating on Facebook. This first cropped up in 2007, and again in 2010 as far as I can tell.

Cooling an overheated dog down too quickly can be harmful, but is not likely to cause bloat. Some ice in your dog’s water, especially if it encourages him to stay hydrated, is not a bad thing.


Heat and humidity, heat stroke in dogs

Summer weather can be harmful to our pets.

Dogs don’t perspire like we do. They use their lungs and sinuses to get rid of excess heat. This is why dogs pant in hot weather.

As the temperature and humidity increase, this form of cooling becomes less useful, and dogs have a harder time keeping their body temperature from rising. This can lead to heat stroke.

Heat stroke causes heavy or noisy breathing, a dazed or glazed appearance, drooling or vomiting and can cause rapid heart rate and collapse. In severe cases, heat stroke can be fatal. If you see a pet with these signs, remove him from the hot area, bathe with cool water and seek veterinary attention immediately.

Heat stroke is more likely in very hot conditions like inside a vehicle. This is why we do not recommend that pets be left in a vehicle when the temperature is above 21 degrees C outside.

Heat stroke is also more likely if your dog is exercising or exerting himself in hot, humid weather. It’s best to save exercise or activity for the cooler morning and evening hours in summer.

Dog breeds with shortened noses, like Boxers, Shih Tzus and bulldogs are also more likely to have problems with heat and humidity.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to call.